A MEDIEVAL festival is expected to draw in crowds of tens of thousands to witness the recreation of a battle that changed the course of English history forever.

The Battle of Evesham Festival in Crown Meadow, Evesham, is expected to draw in as many as 35,0000 visitors on the weekend of Saturday, August 5 and Sunday, August 6. 

Organisers say record-breaking crowds are expected this year as the festival continues to grow in popularity. It is now believed to be Europe's largest 13th century battle re-enactment.

Evesham Journal: Re-enactors at last year's Battle of Evesham Festival Re-enactors at last year's Battle of Evesham Festival (Image: James Connell/Newsquest)

The Battle of Evesham was fought on August 4, 1265 was one of the two main battles of England's Second Barons' War. It ended with the defeat of Simon de Montfort, Earl of Leicester, and the rebellious barons by the future King Edward I, who led the forces of his father, King Henry III

The popular festival, which is free to enter, is held on the meadows by the River Avon and involves a recreation of the battle in 1265, bringing together re-enactors from across the country and from abroad. The weekend will feature demonstrations of medieval living including cookery, weaponry and medicine.

The festival culminates in the spectacular main battle re-enactments with the batttle considered by many to have paved the way for democracy and the freedoms and liberties we enjoy today.

The action-packed weekend will include around 500 re-enactors, camping and fighting ‘to the death’ on both days.

The Battle of Evesham Grand Parade, with 20 mounted knights in full armour will wind its way through the town on the Saturday morning.

On Evesham’s Avon riverside meadows, where Simon De Montfort's army was originally camped, visitors can watch medieval musicians and dancing, along with craftsmen and women demonstrating their crafts, including medieval cookery, medicine, ironmongery and medieval calligraphy.

The 13th Century weapon demonstrations, including archery, cavalry skills and the chance to see a Trebuchet siege engine in action.

Next to the camp, there will be falconry, treasure trails and children’s activities. Around 150 stalls and food outlets will be selling a range of artisan crafts, both medieval and modern, dishes and snacks plus a licenced bar.

Although free to all, there is a suggested entry donation of £2 per person. All day parking is available adjacent to the festival at a cost of £5 per car including occupants.