A BOURTON man who smashed a beer glass into another man's face outside a pub in the village faces jail.

Thomas Nuttall, aged 24, of Rye Close, Bourton, admitted wounding Lee Kelly with the glass but denied having any intent to cause serious injury.

He told Gloucester Crown Court he was acting in defence of himself and his father Philip, who outside the Kingsbridge Inn on Oct 21 last year.

Nuttall pleaded guilty to a Section 20 unlawful wounding of Mr Kelly, who suffered three facial cuts that needed stitching at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital. He denied the more serious offence of Section 18 wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm to Mr Kelly but after a two day trial at Cirencester Courthouse the jury found him guilty.

The judge, Recorder Patrick Mason, bailed Nuttall until December 11 for a pre-sentence report to be prepared by the probation service.

But he warned Nuttall the offence was too serious for anything other than immediate jail.

Nuttall was bailed on condition he does not contact Mr Kelly or go to his home street in Bourton.

The jury saw CCTV footage of the incident which led to Mr Kelly being glassed.

Prosecutor Lucy Taylor said Mr Kelly went to the pub at 9.15pm and saw his friend Philip Nuttall - the defendant's father - in the bar. Thomas Nuttall was also there, she said.

"While inside the pub Mr Kelly was talking to both men, father and son. At 9.45pm he went outside with Thomas and they were talking." said Ms Taylor.

"All of a sudden Mr Kelly felt a blow to his face and it felt like there was liquid on it. He found that the side of his face was soaking wet.

"His vision was blurred. He put his hand to his face and he could see his hand had blood on it.

"In the CCTV you will see some back and forth between the two men which culminates in Mr Nuttall taking a pint glass from a table, emptying its contents onto the floor and then reaching around his father to strike the complainant to the face with the glass.

"Mr Kelly was taken Gloucestershire Royal Hospital where his injuries were treated. He was X-rayed and received stitches to cuts on his face. He had a three inch cut to the forehead and two other cuts below the left eye and on the left cheekbone.

"The defendant armed himself deliberately, emptying the contents of the pint glass and using it as a weapon.

"In an interview with the police Mr Nuttall said Mr Kelly had grabbed his father's neck and he saw red and hit him with the glass but he did not intend to cause the harm which subsequently occurred."

In evidence Mr Kelly said he had drunk about eight pints of lager at the Duke of Wellington pub in Bourton before going to the Kingsbridge, where he had another pint.

He said he recalled Mr Nuttall and his father being in the pub. He knew them both.

Mr Kelly said he went outside for a cigarette and he recalled talking to Thomas Nuttall but he could not remember what about.

"I remember being struck and then feeling wetness down my face and I couldn't see out of my left eye because of blood," he said.

"I do remember throwing a punch but I thought that was because someone had attacked me first," he added.

He denied a suggestion by defence solicitor Matthew Harbinson he was 'blind drunk' and was being aggressive.

Nuttall said Mr Kelly seemed aggressive and drunk in the pub and asked him to go outside.

Outside the pub, he said, Mr Kelly moved towards him and pushed him, making him fearful of being struck.

"I tried to offer a handshake. I didn't want trouble. He grabbed my hand, pulled me in and hit my face. I was panicking. I feared for my dad's safety and I picked up a glass. He also had his hands on my dad and I used the glass as a weapon in his defence.