EVESHAM and six other locations across the county now has access to full fibre internet with multiple providers.

Worcester, Warley, Droitwich, Offenham, Stourport-on-Severn and Wychbold have access to the full fibre include

Brought to Worcestershire by a full fibre network provider known as Fibre Heroes, the service is has national service providers selling their services on.

This new infrastructure is a Government-backed upgrade to the UK’s old copper network, and a lot of the current partial fibre network. 

James Warner, managing director of Fibre Heroes, said: “We’re really pleased to bring the residents and businesses of Worcestershire more choice in their broadband provider, stimulating competition and making available best-in-class internet services for the county.

"We know access to ultrafast connectivity has a real-world positive impact on how communities operate and the way we live our lives, so we’re proud to be able to deliver improved services for many people across Worcestershire, and up and down the UK”.

From Tuesday, November 7, over 14,200 residents and businesses in Worcester and Warley will have access to 12 different internet service providers on the gigabit-capable service.

According to Fibre Heroes, full fibre a more reliable internet service and allows up to 1Gbps download speeds for those homes and businesses using its network.

The newly available service may not be available through all broadband companies, with Fibre Heroes recommending to check which ones can offer the service.