A BANNED customer repeatedly punched and shouted at a service station worker who said abuse is now 'part of the job'.

In the latest attack, James Wiggett was serving customers at Alcester Road Service Station, near Flyford Flavell, when a man banned from the store tried to enter.

Customers rushed to help Mr Wiggett after the man turned abusive.

The man is alleged to have previously shoplifted at the service station which led to the ban.

As he walked towards the counter, Mr Wiggett said he told him he had to leave but he was then met with verbal abuse.

"I started ringing the police behind the counter because he would not leave the store and then he swung over the counter and hit my face," he said.

"He hit me over two times over the counter, went away and then came back and hit me again."

The man also allegedly broke a display stand before customers rallied together to get him out of the service station.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time Mr Wiggett has received abuse during his nine years working at the store.

"It is irritating but unfortunately it has become normal and expected - it's become part of the job. 

"Whilst working, I had people threaten to punch me, now they actually have, threaten to run me off my motorbike.

"This is definitely the worst. It is the only one that has escalated to physical violence and the first one to take a swing."

He added that abuse is something retail workers experience on a daily basis and he it whittles down to some customers only seeing staff as "a face behind the counter" instead of human beings. 

"You get a sixth sense and can always tell who it will be (to start hurling abuse).

"They come in ready for a fight and you tell them they cannot do something (like being served) and they lash out.

"They see us as just a face behind the counter."

Mr Wiggett said West Mercia Police has been informed and are investigating the attack.

A West Mercia Police spokesperson said: "We responded to a report of assault at Alcester Road service station around 5pm on Tuesday, November 7.

"Injuries were not reported to be serious. Enquiries are on-going."