UNLIKELY tools such as an egg whisk and dog lead were used to create stunning photographs at a Worcester landmark.

Photographer Nigel Wood, of Pershore, got creative at Diglis Footbridge to create stunning visual effects for his pictures.

Helping Mr Wood capture the stunning images were friends Dan Spencer, Emily Cawte and Chris Hermiston.

Mr Wood said: "The first of the images was created using 0 grade wire wool, stuffed into an egg whisk, tied to the end of a dog lead.

"I lit the wire wool with a 9v battery and span the lead, giving off the sparks.

"It's also important to have a couple of bottles of water and a torch - making sure there's no remaining burning embers before you leave the site.

Evesham Journal: Visual effect photography captured on Diglis Footbridge.Visual effect photography captured on Diglis Footbridge. (Image: Nigel Wood)"For the next one, I used the same process, but taped a sparkler to the lead as well.

Evesham Journal: The picture was created using a sparkler. The picture was created using a sparkler. (Image: Nigel Wood)"For these next two, these are just ordinary sparklers attached to the end of the dog lead, but using a powerful LED light to light up the bridge

Evesham Journal: Pictures on Diglis Footbridge.Pictures on Diglis Footbridge. (Image: Nigel Wood)"Finally, I always stay for 20 minutes to make sure the area is safe and take away any rubbish, like the burnt sparklers, with me."

Mr Wood explained all of the shots were captured using long exposure cameras, either a DSLR or a mirrorless camera on a tripod - with a five to eight second exposure used to capture all the light.