Police found illegal vapes worth about £3,000 hidden in a shop in Evesham.

West Mercia Police visited a shop in the town centre on Tuesday (November 21) alongside Worcestershire Trading Standards.

“Inside the premises around 300 vapes were seized from a hidden compartment,” said a police spokesperson.

“This would be a street value of around £3,000. Trading Standards will now do the follow-up on the back of their seizure.”

Officers in Evesham have recently been collating intelligence on shops in the town regarding the sale of illicit tobacco and vapes.

They have also been targeting shops that don’t adhere to the Challenge 25 policy, which sees shopkeepers asking to see identification of anyone who looks under 25.

“If you have any information on stores selling illicit tobacco or vapes then please contact us on 101 or via the online submissions form location on West Mercia's website,” said the West Mercia Police spokesperson.

“Alternatively, if you don't want to speak to the police, please speak to Trading Standards directly.”