ALLEGATIONS of neglect or abuse of adults in care reported to Worcestershire County Council have risen by hundreds in the last year.

New data, released by the NHS, shows how many investigations have taken place into allegations made across the UK.

According to the figures, Worcestershire County Council has had 1,310 allegations of neglect or abuse of adults in care reported in 2022/23.

This has risen from 795 in 2021/22.

The aim of the publication was to inform users about aspects of safeguarding activity at national, regional and local level.

Cllr Adrian Hardman, cabinet member with responsibility for adult social care at Worcestershire County Council, was unable to provide a comment when asked by the Worcester News.

A spokesperson for Worcestershire County Council said: “In recent years, both nationally and locally, the overall number of adult safeguarding concerns reported has increased.

"We take all safeguarding concerns reported to us seriously and ensure that enquiries are undertaken to determine what action is required to support the person, with their care and support needs, to feel safe and to understand and manage any risks.

"Worcestershire County Council has recently allocated extra support into this area to ensure that safeguarding concerns raised with us are investigated appropriately and any actions required are taken in a timely manner.

"We are continuing to work closely with the Worcestershire Safeguarding Adults Board to ensure that our partners, clients, and the clients family or carer understand when to report safeguarding concerns.”