THE Mayor of Evesham has defended his town after a "dismal attempt" to call it the most depressing place in the UK.

Mayor Alan Booth spoke out after the public voted Evesham as one of the worst places to live.

He said Evesham is a beautiful place, and the votes are a "dismal attempt from people who have never been out of the town". is scouring the UK looking for the worst place to live and Evesham joined 153 British towns and cities on the shortlist.

"I don't think it is justified. It is not the most depressing town. It is far from it," he said.

"We have a booming market square with plenty of stuff to buy all year round.

"This is a dismal attempt from people who have never been out of the town - there is no need, and a lot goes on here.

"I think we have a very attractive town.

"We have our hotspots but so does every other town."

He said the town has many nice features like the River Avon,  a beautiful garden and park, a market and a great theatre which sells tickets at a good price.

Councillor Booth has lived in Evesham for the past 44 years and agreed the town is not like it once was, but argued it is the same everywhere.

"It is not the same and infrastructure is not the same.

"It is sad in a way but it is no different from any of the other towns.

"A town is what you make it."

However, some readers said they agree Evesham has become one of the most depressing towns in the UK.

Michelle Bircham said: "I moved to Evesham 30 years ago, it was such a lovely place to live.

"Now, I wouldn't recommend anyone to visit the town, let alone move to Evesham."

Another reader, Julia Shorey, added: "I have always defended Evesham over the years when people have been negative about it. 

"However, I am afraid I don't anymore; it is depressing."

The annual poll's emphasis has changed from a poll locating the "worst place" to live in the UK to one finding the most depressing.

The website says: "Bland, boring, soul-destroying mediocrity with a gaping cultural void. This is what our new poll is about.

"This year, we are ditching the usual suspects to focus on those towns throughout this septic isle that give you an almost-terminal case of ennui."