THREE people have been arrested after a shoplifting spree in the Cotswolds.

Two men and one woman were arrested for shoplifting offences.

It happened after a number of individuals committed a shoplifting offence in Bourton on the Water and had made their way to Stow in a stolen vehicle on February 26.

It was belived another shoplifting offences was due to take place in Stow.

A spokesperson for Stow on the Wold SNT said: "On Monday, February 26, individuals travelled to the area in a stolen vehicle.

"They committed a shoplifting offence in Bourton on the Water, and made their way to Stow where we believe that they planned another shoplift.

"However, thanks to a quick response by police, the stolen vehicle recovered and the stolen property recovered."

Between January 21 and Feburaru 2, there were two shop thefts in Stow that took place. 

It is unsure if the two shop lefts are related to the Bourton theft.

During this time, there was also one violent act and one criminal damage crime to a vehicle that took place.