A MAN facing homelessness said he is "losing the will to live" after he was "forced" out of his home. 

Sean Dinnen used to live in a static caravan on Avon Riverside Caravan Park when a civil dispute between him and the owner led to the 60-year-old being told to leave the park.

Mr Dinnen claimed the park owner, Michael Loveridge, turned off his electricity, gas, and water and moved his caravan to the site's car park after he queried a bill.

He said he questioned why his bill was so high and says he was told to leave the park.

But the park's owner said "bills need to be paid".

For two weeks, Mr Dinnen had stood his ground by living in the caravan without any heating or water.

It led him to use bushes as a toilet and mould to grow in the caravan.

"I was left sitting in the van, freezing cold, and it was killing me," said Mr Dinnen.

"I am not well at all and it has been an absolute disaster.

"I went to the shops one day and they had put a padlock on the gate so I could not get in.

"So I climbed the gate and they phoned the police."

Mr Dinnen claimed he is now "facing homelessness" and is in between staying at his partners and hotels because he is no longer allowed at the park.

"The crux of it is because I wanted him to show me a bill - it is ruining my life.

"It's inhumane."

Michael Loveridge, owner of the caravan park, said: "I cannot comment on the situation apart from when bills are to be paid on a caravan park; they need to be paid."

Laura Marshall, head of housing for Wychavon District Council, said the council has tremendous sympathy for Mr Dineen but cannot directly help resolve the matter. 

"Unfortunately, people using holiday caravan sites do not have the same rights as those who live on residential park homes, so our powers are limited in this matter as it is outside the licence controls the council has for the park," she said.

"We have been made aware of a civil matter and we will look at ways we may be able to help the customer affected."