A GROUP of six women allegedly stuck their fingers up at staff as they left a countryside pub without paying for their meals.

Wheelbarrow Castle Country Pub owner Sarah Hutchins claims they did not pay the £140 bill and alleges they made crude gestures towards staff after they chased them down. 

She said the pub in Alcester Road, Radford, near Worcester, was now having to "make up losses" after the 'dine and dash'.

It happened on Saturday, March 23 at around 5pm.

"It's very rare that someone leaves without paying," Mrs Hutchins said.

"It has happened a couple of times before where people have come back and paid, probably out of shame.

"They don't seem to give a monkeys."

It is believed they left in two separate cars with one described as a dark blue 4x4 and the other a dark coloured VW Golf.

Staff contacted West Mercia Police who confirmed they have received a report of theft from the pub.

Evesham Journal: CCTV cameras at the pub captured the group of women CCTV cameras at the pub captured the group of women (Image: CCTV)

While Mrs Hutchins was not present on the day of the incident, staff tried to chase after the group before they sped off.

CCTV images of the group have been published on the pub's Facebook page.

The pub's owner said incidents such as this are the reason why pubs are struggling and that the pub has taken a "big hit" as a result.

"When we posted it on social media it was more about exposure," said Mrs Hutchins.

"We are all suffering massively in the industry, we literally cannot afford to lose income.

"These have a massive effect on the business. We are having to make up the loss by selling extra carveries to cover the cost.

"It's a big hit. Some days we don't get people walking through the door.

"We are lucky in the fact our carveries on a Sunday among the best in the region - they are our saviours.

"We do have a warning to customers that CCTV is in operation."

West Mercia Police said: "No arrests have been made.

"We did receive a report of theft from the Wheelbarrow Castle and Country Pub in Radford on Saturday 23 March."