A TORNADO weather warning has been issued for Worcestershire.

The warning is in place for the West Midlands according to the weather website The Tornado and Storm Research Organisation.

Residents have been told to expect gusts of 50-60mph winds.

The warning is in place until 8pm today.

A spokesperson for The Tornado and Storm Research Organisation said: "Several bands of showery rain are expected to move across the discussion area, and lightning is already present to the southwest of England.

"Strong deep-layer shear coupled with upper forcing will likely cause the precipitation to align into lines. Strong low-level shear will be present too.

"Heavier cores within the lines will be able to mix down stronger flow from just above the boundary layer, bringing the risk of gusts of 50-60mph, perhaps locally 70mph in the most extreme cases.

"Hail is possible in the stronger cores too, as well as a few lightning strikes."