TWO dogs have been spotted running along a train line in Worcestershire.

Onlookers were left shocked at the sight of the dogs running on the railway between Worcester Parkway and Evesham.

The incident happened at around 3.31pm yesterday (Monday).

An eyewitness, who was on a train from Worcester Shrub Hill to Oxford, noticed there were two dogs on the line between the Worcester and Evesham stations.

They added: "Luckily the train driver managed to slow down and the dogs had run all along the line for about five minutes until they jumped off to the side."

One of the dogs was described as a grey/while Greyhound, while the other was claimed to be a brown Collie.

Another person commented that both dogs were found in Stoulton and had been reunited with their owner.

A spokesperson for National Rail said the train lines were able to safely remain open as "no animals were found".

A spokesperson for the British Transport Police said: "I can confirm we received reports of dogs on the tracks near Worcestershire Park railway station at around 3.31pm yesterday (April 8), but it was deemed to not be a police matter."