A child from Evesham has raised money for charity by climbing the UK's tallest mountain. 

The 11-year-old who loves animals is raising money for Axolotl and Reptile Rescue, also in Evesham, where he volunteers every week helping to find the reptiles their forever homes. 

Kian Bowen, along with younger brother Isaac, friends Will and Finn, and their fathers took up the adventure over the Easter holidays.

They planned to complete the tremendous task on Tuesday, April 2 but had to wait until Thursday, April 4 for better weather. 

Kevin Bowen, Kian and Isaac's dad, said: "They have all done amazing and we are all really proud. 

"Kian really loves volunteering at the rescue centre and was only aiming to raise £300. 

"He is there for four to five hours every Saturday and helps with cleaning and showing people around."

Evesham Journal:

Kian only aimed to raise £300 but he has since received close to £1,500 in donations. 

His parents have yet to tell him that he has raised so much money, with Kian only thinking that he raised around £500. 

The family have ordered a large comedy cheque for Kian to present the next time he volunteers. 

Mr Bowen continued: "Kian came up with the idea to walk up Ben Nevis as the last couple of Easter's we had climbed the likes of Snowden and Catbells. 

"He was poorly the night before as well, but he soldiered on saying that he had to do it. 

"Me and Lee (Will and Finn's dad), were immensely proud of the kids when we reached the top and we couldn't be prouder of what they have achieved. 

"We couldn't have picked a better day." 

Evesham Journal: Kian BowenKian Bowen (Image: Kevin Bowen)

It took the group a total of nine hours to complete their journey, taking five hours to reach the top and a further four to get back down.

Ben Nevis is the tallest mountain in the UK, measuring 1,345 metres to the summit, with around 130,000 people attempting the task every year.