A former RAF service saved the day as he stepped up to chair a full council meeting for the first time following a number of unexpected pull-outs.

The session was conducted by Deputy Mayor, John Clatworthy, former RAF Parachute Instructor, who was elected alongside Mayor Robbie Raphael for the upcoming civic year by Evesham Town Council.

Despite his tenure being set to end on Monday, May 13, Mr Clatworthy's impressive credentials include previous experience with Great Britain's Sydney Paralympics athletics team in 2000.


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Alongside his duties as deputy mayor, Mr Clatworthy shows commitment towards his responsibilities as the chairman of The Almonry Panel and member of Finance Committee.

He also serves as a district councillor, contributing as a member of the Planning Committee, Overview and Scrutiny Committee, and Licensing Committee.

When not fulfilling his civic duties, he dedicates his remaining hours to numerous community projects.

Among his commitments is his work with The Evesham Dementia Action Alliance and St Richard’s Charity Shop.

In addition, he aids in the implementation of the accessibility Evesham Audit Report, an important initiative for the community.