A heartfelt and quirky comedy play about an ageing badminton player is coming to Worcestershire.

Audiences are poised for a treat, as local budding playwright Steve Wilson unveils his latest work, Diary of a Badminton Player.

The lively production takes centre stage at Number 8 Arts Centre in Pershore on Friday, April 26, at 7.30pm.

The play delves into the keenly observed life of an ageing, middle-aged man, Colin Cosgrove, who attempts to keep his reputation faultless as the resident top-tier badminton celebrity.

Mr Cosgrove, no doubt a busy man, juggles badminton training sessions, a thriving supply teaching job, and weekend food delivery work.

The trial begins when things start unravelling.

Suddenly, on the downhill slide, he questions if his diminishing mojo is permanent or if he can fight back to reclaim his coveted position.

Evesham Journal: Local budding playwright Steve Wilson unveils his latest work, Diary of a Badminton Player

Diary of a Badminton Player ventures into the harsh realities of ageing while maintaining a sense of humour.

It's a narrative about remaining a local hero amidst life's adversities, with an invitation for the audience to delight in Mr Cosgrove's antics.

Suitable for all ages and enthusiasts of all racket sports, tickets for the show are priced at £12 and are currently available for purchase.

As part of a broader celebration of new writing at Number 8, Diary of a Badminton Player will be followed by the Truth & Lies Showcase on Saturday, April 27, at 7.30pm.

This showcase serves up an eclectic mix of poetry, spoken word and writing for the stage throughout live performances by the creators and local actors.

With tickets priced at £8, it delivers a unique and affordable theatrical experience.

Tickets for the play and the additional showcase can be obtained from the Number 8 Box Office on 01386 555488, or accessibly booked online at www.number8.org.