Dog lovers in Evesham are being invited to take part in a Dogs Trust survey.

Dogs Trust Evesham is giving dog owners the opportunity to express their views in the National Dog Survey, the country's largest dog census.

With at least one dog in more than a third of all UK homes, the nation's largest dog welfare charity wants to hear from owners about matters such as common canine behaviour traits, daily routines, and family relationships.

The Dogs Trust's National Dog Survey is ongoing until June 14 and can be completed online.

The information obtained in the National Dogs Survey 2024 will guide Dogs Trust in improving services for dog owners.

Following information collected in 2023, the charity initiated its Behaviour Support Line, offering free expert advice for owners.

Dogs Trust has also started pet food banks in many of its 21 rehoming centres and a number of its charity shops to offer relief to owners affected by living costs increases.

In last year's survey, 244,478 owners provided insights for 348,533 dogs.

Notable outcomes included that almost 11 per cent of all UK dogs are crossbreeds, with Labradors being the top pedigree breed, followed by Cocker Spaniels.

An 85 per cent surge in popularity was reported for Miniature Smooth Haired Dachshunds, despite not being in the top ten most favoured breeds.

Seven per cent of dogs now regularly go to work with their owners, whereas 81 per cent of others who wished to do the same were prohibited by their workplace rules.

More than two thirds of UK dog owners took pets on holiday with them within the UK.

Owen Sharp, chief executive of Dogs Trust, said: "The National Dog Survey is the largest dog census in the UK, and around a quarter of a million owners responded last year.

"But, with over a third of UK households now owning a dog, we want to hear from even more this year so we can gain as many insights as possible about dog ownership in the UK, helping us to shape our support for dog owners and improve dog welfare."