A leading berry producer has marked its 30th year anniversary.

Angus Soft Fruits Ltd, which is based in Salford Priors, near Evesham, was launched by founders Lochy Porter, Willie Porter, and James Gray with the goal of taking its fruits directly from growers to consumers.

Over these 30 years, the company has grown significantly, both in terms of fruit volume and its team of berry specialists.



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The company launched its Salford Priors office in 2010.

The company has played a key role in numerous horticultural advancements, such as the 'Seaton System'.

This innovation extended the Scottish berry growing season from six weeks to an impressive six months.

Additionally, its in-house breeding programme has greatly enhanced the flavour, shelf life, disease resistance, and yield of its berries.

The company has also had to jump over numerous hurdles over the past three decades, such as inflation, rising costs, the global pandemic and new trading regulations.

As the company marks its milestone, it is gearing up to launch two premium raspberry varieties - AVA™ Monet and AVA™ Dali.

As part of the anniversary celebrations, the team will gather for a company-wide lunch, with some specially made birthday cakes, to both reflect on past achievements and anticipate what is to come.

As it steps into its fourth decade, the company has vowed to provide the best berries in the world.