A FORTUNE teller who uses asparagus to predict the future has revealed if England will finally win the Euros.

Jemima Packington, also known as the asparamancer, claims she can peer into the future by tossing the spears into the air and then interpreting how they land on the ground. 

The 67-year-old, who used to be from Evesham, said 58 years of hurt will finally be over with England winning the Euros in 2024. 

Ms Packington has now tipped Gareth Southgate's men to go all the way in Germany after revealing the asparagus told her: "It's Coming Home."

She said: "I have had lots of people asking me how England might do at the Euros, so I have been analysing the spears very closely.

"And they keep pointing to three words in particular - It's Coming Home. 

"England fans have every right to be positive and optimistic if the spears are anything to go by.

"I can also see Harry Kane being very strong. He is going to be worth watching and is going to come into his own this tournament. 

Evesham Journal: Jemima Packington, also known as the asparamancer.Jemima Packington, also known as the asparamancer. (Image: SWNS)"The spears keep giving positive readings. England is going to do very well, and I think we will see us winning it. Watch this space.

"As for Scotland, no comment."

She is the world's only asparamancer and previously correctly predicted Brexit, the Queen’s death, and Harry and Meghan quitting the Royal Family.

Some of her 2024 predictions have already come true, including a former leader's return to active politics ahead of Nigel Farage's becoming head of Reform. 

She also said events in the Middle East would reach a "breaking point," and a public figure would be outed as having profited from illegal actions—a possible nod to Donald Trump.

Jemima says her predictions tend to have a success rate of between 75 and 90 percent, and she is never usually far off.

She added: "My technique has not changed and I still cast the asparagus spears and interpret the patterns in them. 

“Seeing the patterns for me is instantaneous, possibly because I’ve had years of practice. 

"I am usually about 75-90 per cent accurate with my predictions. I go through my predictions each year and think: 'Yep, that's happened, yep, that's happened.'

"Occasionally, I get one slightly off, where I haven't quite read it correctly, but I'm never far off."

Jemima uses fresh Worcestershire asparagus grown in the Vale of Evesham.