THE Conservative MP Nigel Huddleston has bucked the trend and held onto his seat in Droitwich and Evesham. 

Mr Huddleston admitted before the count started that he was not taking anything for granted. 

Across the country, Conservative seat after Conservative seat fell to mainly Labour or the Lib Dems, with Reform proving a bigger thorn in the side of the Tories than previously thought. 

The highly anticipated Exit Poll that was released at 10pm said that Labour would win a big majority. 

Upon seeing the poll, Mr Huddleston said: "I have seen the Exit Poll and it looks like Labour is going to get a majority. 

"I am upset to know that a lot of good really hard-working MP's will not be returning to parliament. 

"On a personal and human level, a lot of very good friends look like they might lose their seats. 

"These are people who have given public service for a very long time, so it's a very raw and emotional experience.

"We clearly need to build back trust between the Conservative Party and the British public."

The Full results are as follows: 

- Reform UK: 9456

- Social Democratic Party: 239

- The Green Party: 3828

- The Conservative Party: 19975

- The Labour Party: 10980

- Liberal Democrats: 5131

Mr Huddleston continued: "We will reflect on this as a party and as to why we failed to get the support we needed. 

"It looks like Labour will win a huge majority and I congratulate them. 

"I am most grateful to the people who voted for me and I will continue to represent them as well as those who didn't.

"As a country it's not like the Labour Party won a huge percentage of the vote, but I will take my job seriously and hold them to account."

During his victory speech, Mr Huddleston thanked his supporters and his team, before thanking his opponents for running a well organised and clean campaign. 

177 ballot papers were rejected. 

Turnout was revealed at around 1am to be 65%, down from 72% in 2019. 

Mr Huddleston might have survived the election unlike many of his colleagues but he lost 17,000 votes when compared with 2019.