A FESTIVAL in Evesham that is over 30 years old is hoping to make a splash this weekend. 

The Evesham River Festival is returning on July 13, with other festivities happening throughout the weekend on July 12 and 14.

Every year the theme of the event changes and this year the theme is 'pub names' which could have a 'vast spectrum' according to organisers. 

Adrian Mayhew, safety officer at The Evesham River Festival, said: "This year's theme is pub names and it should be a good show, we will have live music from both local and regional bands and entertainment from 10am to 11pm, including lots of activities on the water like a paddleboard display and a steamboat rally.

"It is one of the top five oldest river festivals in the UK and so I'm always looking forward to it and it's always well supported by the residents of Evesham. 

"Last year was a washout and so hopefully the weather will be better and we can see the kind of numbers we are used to."

Over 60 boats will be attending the festival that starts in under a week's time. 

Mr Mayhew continued: "Over the past few years we have had between 5,000 and 10,000 people attend. 

"Covid had a massive impact on the festival but we are almost getting the same numbers as before now.

"We change the theme every year and we pulled them out of a hat at a community meeting. 

"I quite like the idea of pub names, it has a vast and wide spectrum and I think the boats will look great at the night-time illumination."

Other theme options were superheroes, bedtime stories and sci-fi. 

There will also be a 'Boaters Welcome' event on July 12 and a 'Boaters Farewell and Breakfast' event on July 14. 

Emma Stokes, Wychavon District Council councillor for Bengeworth, said: "It's absolutely wonderful and hopefully the weather will be kind. 

"It's a boost for the town and it highlights one of our assets, the river. 

"It brings people and the community together and I go every year that I can."