It is a family affair at a high street retailer where a family is celebrating a collective 27 years of service.

Two generations and three members of the same family have worked at Marks & Spencer in Evesham for nearly three decades between them.

Store colleague, Debbie Guoite, is marking her 19th year at the store this month alongside her nieces, Amy and Katie Haines, who have been employed for a combined eight years.

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Ms Guoite has worked in various posts, from the shop floor to back-office, and has credited her multiple roles for the diverse skill-set she brings to her current position as a customer assistant.

Amy, also a customer assistant at the store, said: "The team here has always felt like family but having my actual family by my side is a real bonus."

Along with the sense of family camaraderie, the job comes with unique perks.

According to Katie, the Haines family has tested most items sold by the retailer, from Cherry Colin sweets to Buttery Mash.

Ms Guoite said: "My favourite memory of working at the store was when it was refurbished, which was such an exciting time.

"Getting to work with my nieces every day is truly special.

"I particularly love watching them grow in their careers and push themselves across different roles in the store."

Her niece Katie, whos is the store social lead, said: "I have absolutely loved working at M&S from the moment I started, and working alongside my aunt and sister has been a great experience – it’s made us much closer as a family.

"The fact I’ve seen so many life achievements whilst working here makes the Evesham store an even more special place to work, and I’ll always be grateful to my managers for giving me flexible working hours and support to help me focus on furthering my education.

"Now, I really enjoy working as the store social lead across TikTok and Facebook - it’s my favourite part of the job.

"I love helping the store creatively showcase the brilliant range of products we have available for customers.”