THE iconic lock keeper’s cottage in Evesham, that was to be demolished due to flood damage, can in fact be saved.

The much-loved landmark that stands on stilts over the River Avon at Evesham Lock was said to be uninsurable after sustaining heavy damage in the last two serious floods of 1998 and 2007.

However the message from the Lower Avon Navigation Trust (LANT), who own the building, is that given the right backing the cottage need not be demolished.

John Taplin, LANT project manager, explained: “It can be saved, but the concern is that if we spent money saving it we still could not insure it.

“We don’t want it to become a depreciating asset for the trust.

“The cottage had four to five foot of water in it last July but it’s possible we could jack the building up on a steel frame, it’s not impossible and something LANT would look into “It’s difficult to say how much it would cost but I would estimate it to be between £25,000 and £30,000.”

Following a town council meeting on Monday councillors expressed their surprise and concern that one of the town’s most treasured landmarks could be lost, but have welcomed this latest development.

Cllr Andy Dyke said: “It’s good news and doesn’t seem like a great deal of money to preserve one of Evesham’s icons.

“I believe It’s something the town council should investigate.”

The current lock keeper, Christopher Murfin, added: “It has stood up to the flooding well and I think the building is worth saving.”