WITH reference to Lenchwick Wind Farm, can we first forget the cuddly, Eco-Green term wind farm? Where does the farm come into it anyway except as its location.

These are ugly, visually and audibly intrusive, marginally effective, electricity generating stations! Up to 10 wind turbines, white painted, 400 feet high spread over a site of several acres.

Please consider the following points: 1 Why Lenchwick? If the generating of electricity by this means is an essential need for the future why not situate them in the most effective places. To my untutored mind this would be in the areas of greatest potential wind generation (but I don’t suppose they would allow them in the parliament building). Surely the higher the ground the better. The Cotswolds, Bredon Hill, Cleeve Hill etc. There are any number of more suitable sites in this area which have the advantage of not being right on top of large villages and smaller centres of population.

The proposed site is probably no more than a mile from Harvington, Norton and Lenchwick and the other Lenches villages and a mere three or four miles from Bidford and Evesham.

We have all seen images of these turbines situated throughout the country in isolated areas of moorland, mountain and sea. But how many this close!

2 How much has your house value fallen in the current economic crisis. How much more will it fall as a result of this development. Why do people want to live in the Vale of Evesham. Will tourists still want to visit an area dominated by these turbines.

3 How much noise do 10 x 400 foot wind turbines make.

4 How Eco friendly are they. How long will it take for them to be carbon neutral after taking into account the pollution caused by their manufacture and operation.

5 How much more will we pay in future for our electricity as power companies claw back the costs of the manufacture and generation of what is, apparently an expensive and marginally effective source of power.

Are power companies getting government subsidies to generate power in this way. If so we as tax payers are being hit twice.

This development, if we allow it to go ahead, will, in varying ways, affect the whole of the Vale, put a blight on our houses and a grotesque blot on our landscape.

Please contact your local Parish, Town and County Councillors and relevant MP to ask them for answers to these and any other fears you may have in regard to this development.

Let us not just lie down and accept this monstrous despoilation of our villages and the wide Vale.

Let us stir the dying embers of a democracy of which we as a country were once so proud (but which has increasingly been eroded by the EEC, by our government and the wishes of commerce).

For once let the will of the people prevail.

PETER WHITE, Forge Cottage, Evesham Road, Norton.