PLANS to build a windfarm to the north of Evesham have been met with mixed feelings by residents as details were this week unveiled.

Villagers from Harvington, Church Lench, Norton and Lenchwick - the areas which Lenchwick Windfarm could be built on - flocked to three public information days to find out more about the multi-million pound project by Scottishpower Renewables.

The developers are proposing to build up to 10 turbines, each 125 metres (410ft) tall, in the Lenchwick area.

Harvington Parish Council chairman Clive Allen said there had been a lot of interest in the village about the plans.

He attended the first session at Harvington First School on Tuesday (4).

He said: “I think it is the way we have got to go. We have got to have energy sources from renewables.

“We can’t go along with the idea of not in our back yard. If it looks like a reasonable plan I would be prepared to support it in essence.”

“The information here has helped so far. It is putting forward their viewpoint but most of it is views not facts or figures.”

Simon Amore from Harvington, said: “I am 100 per cent positive and think we should be more positive about it.

“The view that it would ruin the countryside is a very weak argument as it is no different to pylons.

“The only people that are against it are the city folk that have moved to the Lenches who want a quiet life.

Sophie Dodds, also of Harvington, said: “Nobody wants these things in their own back garden but I realise that we need clean air and to protect our environment. We also have to make sure we can supply our own energy and that the UK does not have to rely on foreign government’s to serve energy for them to one day cut us off.”

Stuart Green, of Sheriff’s Lench, said: “I have great concerns as I believe there are serious flaws in wind power.

“I think it is the wrong thing in the wrong place. We are a rural area. These things will be the largest structure in the area for miles.”