I AM not a Natterjack Toad, A Long Eared Bat or a Great Crested Newt! I am a area of great natural beauty (at least I was last time I looked in a mirror).

Above all I am a human being who’se habitat is threatened by a monstrous invasion of 410 foot giant wind turbines. This Spanish invader, masquerading as Scottish, is moving out of its natural environment of mountain, moorland, wilderness and sea in its attempt to infest our beautiful rural landscape.

I am now a threatened species! Don’t I deserve the same protection as our animals, birds and insects?

In other parts of the country - once they have established a community - they have started to breed. Will this happen here? I think that it is more than likely that we will see this green invasion turn into a stampede.

We repelled the Spanish Armada once - now lets do it again!

Act now with haste or we may all repent at leisure.

PETER WHITE, Evesham Road, Norton.