COMMUNITIES across Worcestershire are being urged to work together under a new initiative launched to help fight climate change at grass roots level.

The Green Communities scheme, launched by the Energy Saving Trust, will offer training courses, one-to-one consultation and an online carbon footprint tool to assist people interested in collaborating in this community-wide, energy saving initiative.

Communities will also receive help on ways to measure their fuel consumption, and expert advice will be available on how to reduce this as well as installing renewable energy technologies to provide electricity for a village or estate.

Joining the scheme will also give communities access to a database which has a comprehensive list of funding opportunities.

West Midlands Energy Saving Trust advice centre manager, Lynn Melling, said: “Each community can become a champion for protecting our climate for the future.

“It’s imperative that we convey the message that everyone - householders, businesses, community organisations and government - needs to work together locally in order to achieve a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions globally.

“Research has shown that people are generally happy to do something if they feel that others are already doing it, and that their actions would meet with the approval of those around them.”

For more information on the Green Communities scheme, individual advice on saving money on fuel bills through insulation and how to obtain grants and subsidies call the Energy Saving Trust, free, on 0800 512 012 or visit