THE best-selling author of thrilling tales of murder and mystery in the Cotswolds came to Broadway for a special book signing.

Rebecca Tope, who has 15 crime novels to her name, took part in the signing at Blandford Books to mark the release of the paperback of her sixth book in one of three series, Slaughter in the Cotswolds, which follows heroine housesitter Thea as she looks after a Lower Slaughter property.

During her stay, just a short while after her beloved father’s death, Thea’s prickly elder sister unexpectedly arrives on the doorstep having witnessed a grizzly murder.

Suddenly, the idyllic village of Lower Slaughter begins to live up to the connotations of its name.

Rebecca said: “The signing went pretty well - it’s the second time we’ve done it at Blandford Books.

“I recruited some new readers and some old readers came and gave feedback which is always very useful.

“The Cotswolds are obviously very very beautiful physically and I love the whole thing about small villages harbouring secrets.”

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