A BILL which aims to ensure that wind turbines can only be built at a minimum of 2km away from the nearest home was due to be brought back before Parliament yesterday.

Vale MP Peter Luff’s Onshore Wind Turbines (Proximity of Habitation) Bill was presented to the House in the last Parliament, and needs to be re-presented under the new government as there was no clause to carry it over.

Chris Heaton-Harris, the MP for Daventry, was set to present a 10 Minute Rule Motion with the support of local MPs.

While the Bill has been welcomed by opponents of a wind farm in the Lenches, near Evesham, others believe it will be impractical.

Earlier this year when the Bill was first brought up, Lynn Davies, from Back Local Windfarms (BLoW), said: “I think it’s an extremely impractical demand. If you try to apply that rule across the whole of the country it means no windfarms in England. It’s ridiculous.”