PEOPLE across the Vale have been warned against a directions scam which took place outside B&Q in Evesham on Wednesday (27).

The incident occurred as a woman left the store in Four Pools Lane and placed her handbag onto her passenger seat as she got into her car.

A man holding a map then tapped on the window and asked her for directions to Sheffield, at which point she got out of the vehicle to help him.

When she returned and began to drive off she realised her purse was open and her bank card was missing. The woman confirmed she cancelled her card immediately and that no money was taken.

A similar incident was also said to have taken place outside Morrisons in Commercial Road, Hereford, between 2pm and 2.25pm the following day.

Again, a woman returned to her car after finishing the shopping a noticed a man with a map beckoning her over to him.

She left the car at which point he asked her directions to Manchester and Shrewsbury, but on returning noticed that her handbag had been opened and three bank cards were missing.

Police spokesman Porcha Treanor said: “We want people to be aware of this scam and under no circumstances leave their car unlocked if asked to give directions in these circumstances, or if distracted.

“We would also advice people not to leave their purses or bags on display in the car at any time.”

Anyone who has information relating to the first incident has been urged to call West Mercia Police on 0300 333 3000, quoting 245/S/260111, or 374/S/270111 for the second incident.