HOUSEHOLDERS across the Vale have been urged to consider installing solar panels on their roofs after nPower revealed West Midlands residents were missing out on £8m a year in feed-in tariffs.

According to the Office of National Statistics there are 2.3m households in the region, and it has been estimated one third of these has a roof facing between south east and south west making it ideal to harness the power of the sun.

nPower claims owners of these 766,666 homes could be better off by up to £1,100 a year thanks to a Government subsidy known as a feed-in tariff (FIT).

Launched in the UK on April 1 last year, FITs pay homeowners a premium rate for all the electricity they produce, as well as an additional export income for electricity they don’t use and sell back to the grid.

All payments are index linked, exempt from income tax and guaranteed for 25 years.

Helen Booker, solar expert for nPower, said: “The introduction of FITs has caused a huge increase in interest in residential solar PV, but there are still many homeowners that have suitable properties in the region and don’t realise the financial benefits they could be receiving.

“FITs mean that not only can homeowners enjoy green electricity that reduces their energy bills, but they could also be receiving payment for all the electricity they generate.

“Even when a home is empty during the day, a solar PV system can be working to generate both electricity and earnings. What’s more, solar photovoltaic system uses daylight - not direct sunlight - which makes the system incredibly efficient.”

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