THE hot sunny weather in July, together with the rain in August, gave Evesham in Bloom judges the perfect opportunity to see the town's gardens, commercial and school frontages at their best.

Colourful and innovative displays adorned the town in the lead up to judging making it difficult for the judges, the visiting American mayoral party from Evesham USA, to pick the worthy winners.

In the end decisions had be reached by the US Mayor Gus Tamburo and his wife, Edith.The awards were presented at a special ceremony held at Evesham Town Hall by Vernon Powell, chairman of the Vale of Evesham Commerce and Tourism Association (Vecta) and deputy mayor Alan Booth.

There were several catergories to bid for, including private hanging baskets, retail outlets, retail courtyards, banks and public buildings.


Private hanging baskets: 1 Denis Mead, 2 Steve Lane, 3 Mr and Mrs Roberts.

Retail outlets: 1 Orillo, 2 H and M Motor Factors, 3 Hampton Post Office. Highly commended, Vale Domestic Applicances.

Retail courtyards: 1 Hairworks, 2 Riverside Shopping Centre, 3 Crown Courtyard. Highly commended, King Charles Court.

Public buildings: 1 Evesham fire station, 2 Elm Pentecostal Church, 3 St Peter's Church. Highly commended, Almonry Museum and Evesham Methodist Church.

Banks, building societies, estate agents and offices: 1 Allchurch Bailey, 2 Clarke Roxborough, 3 Rooftop Housing. Highly commended, Clement Rabjohn.

Public houses: 1 The Round of Gras, 2 Ye Olde Red Horse, 3 Ye Olde Swanne Inn. Highly commended, The Royal Oak, The Railway Hotel, Riverside Hotel and Oddfellows Arms.

Public houses and hotel courtyards: 1 The Northwick Hotel, 2 The Royal Hotel, 3 Ye Olde Red Horse. Highly commended, Riverside Hotel.

Cafes, restaurants and clubs: 1 Pagoda Restaurant, 2 Ambassador Snooker Club, 3 Thai Emerald. Highly commended, Raphael's Restaurant, The Cobweb, Evesham Sports Club and The Amber Cafe.

Retirement homes: 1 Yates Court, 2 Ferry View, 3 Seward Close.

Caravan parks: 1 Wier Meadow, 2 Pippins Greens.

Special places: 1 The Quay, Abbey Park, 2 Hampton Farm Shop, 3 The entrance to Crown Meadow. Highly commended, Hampton Ferry.

Best VECTA member: Allchurch Bailey.

Schools: Overall winners: St Richards CE First School; Gold: St Egwin's Middle School; Silver: Vale of Evesham School; Bronze: St Andrew's CE First School; Highly commended: Green Hill School, Evesham College Horticultural Department, St Mary's RC First School; Commended: Bengeworth CE First School, Simon de Montfort Middle School, Evesham College ABI Unit.