YOUR reports on the Christmas and New Year meets are incomplete.

You missed out the bit about hunting wild animals with dogs being a crime, you missed out the trashing of badger setts, you ignored the fact that all these packs hunt foxes to exhaustion before ripping them apart or digging them out of any subterranean refuge. You forgot to mention how roads are brought to an abrupt and dangerous standstill as fox, then hounds, then riders and sometimes riderless horses, then vehicles charge back and forth along them with no regard for anyone’s safety. You missed the bit about how some hunt followers threaten anyone who disagrees with them and the violence meted out to anti-hunt activists.

So what, a few hundred people went out to support a criminal offence?

Not unusual but unless you are truly hypocritical why not glamorise drug dealing, littering, etc, as well?

Needless to say, you should not bother trying to report on the other side of the argument.

LYNN SAWYER, Boat Lane, Evesham