A VILLAGER is calling on the North Cotswold Hunt to have “more consideration”

of road-users and residents along its route after a near miss.

Amanda Peters, aged 43, of Orchard Avenue, Broadway, said that she was travelling with her partner when they nearly drove into a man on a quad bike who she says was with the Boxing Day hunt.

He was “parked in the middle of the road,” near the village, she said.

“We had to screech to a halt. We almost ran into the quad bike,” she said. “I would like them to have more consideration when parking up their vehicles.

“Not only were the horses and hounds taking over the road, the supporters were all over the shop. Health and safety goes right out of the window.

“They park up wherever the hounds go. They congest little roads. An emergency vehicle would not get through.”

She also claims the hunt promised to give her parents Alex and Pam Peters, who live in Little Buckland, a meet card notifying them of hunt get-togethers, after she said the hounds got into their garden in 2009.

“They said we could have a meet card but they never sent it. I want them to send my parents a meet card like they promised so she knows they are coming,” she added.

Hunt Master Nigel Peel said: “It’s a traditional meet and we have met in Broadway for quite a long time and a lot of people come to watch. All I can say is we apologise if we have offended anybody. I am sorry her parents haven’t