RE “No foxes, no hunt meets” (Letters, January 19).

Fortunately for hunting enthusiasts the present hunting laws, which they want to waste Parliamentary time trying to repeal, allows for the following of a laid trail but not for the intentional hunting of foxes with dogs.

This means the hunt will be able to meet up until and including the time when hell freezes over.

When hell freezes over, they will be able to fit ice skates to their horses, replacing the wheels which are currently required because they spend so much time on the roads.

Meanwhile, occasionally, carefully selected members of the public (George Cowley will have to wait his turn) will be able from the comfort of their own gardens or patios to witness a fox being accidentally torn to pieces by hounds.

The bogus argument that fox hunting with hounds protects livestock (lambs, hens etc) is dealt with on conservativesagainstfoxhunting.

com on their blue-foxblog Hunting from a Farming Perspective.

I would like to see the Countryside Alliance put its resources behind preserving a more worthy rural tradition – that of the visits by mobile library units to the streets and villages of our area.

STEVE ANDERSON, Bourton on the Hill.