BIDFORD Library is set to open its doors as a community run facility on Monday, April 2.

The library was one of many across the country which faced closure as county councils made drastic funding cuts to save money.

After an overwhelming response from local people, Bidford Parish Council helped to transfer the service from the county council into the hands of local residents.

This weekend volunteers will get their first chance to visit the library and discuss what jobs they would like to do.

Chairman of Bidford Parish Council Mike Gerrard said: “At the moment we are on course to start running the library ourselves on the first Monday of April.

“We are making nice measured progress.

“We have in excess of 70 people registered as potential volunteers. They will be coming here to look at the facilities and discuss what they want to do and when they are prepared to work. The library opening times will be in line with the volunteers’ opening hour suggestions.

“I am happy to report that as far as Bidford is concerned, we are at the front of the game and have been pretty much all along.

I look with confidence to the start of Bidford Community Library and hope you will all be rushing to get membership.”

Anyone interested in volunteering can contact the parish clerk on 01789 778653 or attend the volunteer session at 10am on Saturday.