ARTIFICIAL grass could be installed on Bourton-on-the- Water’s village green in a bid to combat wear and tear caused by crowds of tourists.

Parish councillors have voted to trial the fake grass on a 30 square metre patch, which was wearing away on one of the verges between the path and the river, as well as other areas in need of running repairs.

The council spends about £1,000 every autumn to patch up the grass which has worn away during the summer when thousands of tourists from across the globe descend on the picturesque Cotswold village.

Speaking at a parish council meeting, Councillor Richard Johnes said it was something they wanted to try as a couple of areas were looking threadbare.

“If this is successful we are not intending to returf the whole green with artificial turf,” he said. “We returf every year.

We’re throwing about £1,000 on some of these patches.

“This is a material that’s used quite widely nowadays. You’ll find it at Wimbledon. It’s now quite accepted as a possible alternative to grass that wears out quickly.”

He said the rest of the returfing was due to be carried out next month.

Coun Helen Macklin, who was in favour of the proposals, said: “In Australia it’s used all the time. It’s fantastic.”