AN Evesham manufacturer of polymer containers it set to brighten up the world.

Rainbow Trugs, based at Badgers Hill, first began discussions with a German distributor in late 2014 followed shortly after by a distributor in Denmark. Within 18 months, exports have accounted for 15 per cent of turnover with sales to France, Switzerland and the Netherlands, as well as the two German and Danish distributors. The company has also had discussions with distributors and retailers in the United Arab Emirates, Ireland and Australia.

Company partner Paul Barrett said: "European exports have been incredible for us and allowed us to invest in the design of new products. Brexit as not affected sales yet, but talking to buyers in Europe over the past two weeks, future sales will depend on the result of new trade agreements.

"Our approach to manufacturing is not based on how cheap we can make a product, we start by trying to design the product to a high standard and then work on manufacturing efficiencies and processes to reduce costs. While our Rainbow Trug branded products may not be as cheap as some competitor’s products, for just a few pence more they will prove their worth during their working life."

Company partner Tina Barratt added: "Trugs are thought by many to be for collecting garden rubbish or as a builders bucket. We have made Rainbow Trugs as multipurpose containers. They are made from food grade polymer And yes, you really can eat your dinner from them. They’re available in more colours than other manufacturers and with our unique accessories such as our Trug-Lid, they’re versatile for use at home or in the workplace.

"A significant proportion of sales are as toy storage and with this in mind we created The Truglins. Initially, simple face stickers were designed to bring your Rainbow Trug to life, but have made our brand instantly recognisable with TV and magazine appearances. New Truglin characters are due to launch in August 2016 to further increase our appeal to children and grown-ups alike."