CORBETTS Electricals in Chipping Norton is an electrical retailer selling white and brown goods which has been in business for over 30 years.

The company was set up by Eric Corbett in the 1980s and current manager Eric Shepherd said being part of the community is something the business prides itself in.

He said: "What we are really keen on here is really serving the local community.

"We really want to show people that even though they aren't going to one of the big national chains, they don't have to pay more.

"Often the big firms appear cheaper but with the delivery they end up costing a lot more.

"We offer the delivery as a free service so people don't have to pay any more for it."

With six staff, Eric says familiarity is a key part to customer relations in the business, adding: "People really like that they can call up and ask for us specifically by name and they know exactly who they will be speaking to which is a nice thing to have.

"We recently set up a repair centre in-store so people can bring us their equipment in to be fixed.

"We have a throw-away culture generally these days but we always offer people the comparison between a repair and a new item."