WHEN someone is trying to deal with a misdiagnosis, the impact of a delay in diagnosis or a medical accident such as a birth injury to their child, I want to be able to offer them practical solutions – I want, above all, to make a difference to their life and to their family.

People come to me because of some of my links with specialist groups or charities – for instance, the Child Brain Injury Trust, which is my chosen charity for my year as President of Birmingham Law Society.

Clinical negligence brings together medicine and law, which I love. But these are difficult cases for my clients because the circumstances are always very personal and often very emotional.

It is a complex area of law, because we have to be able to prove that condition or injury came about because of a breach of duty by a medical professional or body and that that breach actually caused the problem.

I always try to make sure that I offer practical alternatives if they don’t have a case – it is about much more than just legal advice.

People may come to me with a fixed outcome in mind, but every case is different, so we have to be clear that what they have in mind might not be what they achieve.

Enormous compensation figures are quoted in the media – I always advise people not to focus on a final figure but to think instead about what they need for the future.

Our aim is to restore people’s lives to them, as close to normal as possible.

Medical Accident Group is a sister company to Harrison Clark Rickerbys