A WORCESTERSHIRE company has developed software to help businesses during the second coronavirus lockdown.

Malvern based company Collate Systems, have developed new and innovative software to help support businesses, that is designed to aid their new business development as an integrated pre customer relationship management service.

With many businesses under financial pressures due to a second lockdown as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the new pre-sales software from Collate Systems helps businesses reach-out to potential customers and clients through automating initial communications.

The uniqueness of the software comes from providing communication to raise the profile of a business to a potential customer.

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With interactions on a range of social media, emails, text messages and letters, which ultimately create awareness and build rapport before a sales call.

The software automatically creates a list of ‘warm’ leads, decreasing the time sales teams need to be building a sales funnel.

Martyn Allan, managing director and founder of Collate Systems, said: “It’s always been a drive of mine to help increase efficiency by using software, with a real passion for saving businesses time and money.

"Since COVID-19 struck at the start of 2020, we knew our new software could help businesses on a whole new level, as traditional methods of new business generation such as exhibitions and physical cold calling, have been out of the question.”

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Mr Allen added “Our Pre-Relationship Management (PRM) software does the ‘leg-work’ of developing connections, reducing the time needed by the sales team to develop relationships before a telephone conversation is initiated.”

The new software by Collate Systems has been developed by their team based in Worcestershire, through over 10 years’ experience in developing software systems for businesses.

Estimated to contribute to over 120 hours per month of sales productivity for every person using the service, the highly innovative Collate Systems software enables businesses to access, engage and form a business relationship, ultimately supporting business growth through increased sales.