THIS month’s meeting revolved around our Christmas meal.

The minimum amount of business was discussed and then we got on with enjoying ourselves.

The meal was a great success and members agreed what a splendid spread had been prepared.

Following our meal there was a photography quiz where we had to name as many famous faces as we could. It’s amazing how many could be heard to say, “I know the face but can't think of the name”.

No cheating was allowed but I suspect it may have been, as everyone appeared to be conferring and offering advice to those who weren’t too sure.

The main event was the pantomime which, after weeks of rehearsals and lots of tears and frustration of forgotten lines, Esmerelda was launched.

Everyone threw themselves into their roles and it all went brilliantly.

The hard work had paid off and we all had a great time.

To end the evening, we played ‘Irish Bingo’. For those who do not know the rules, it involves a lot of standing and sitting.

We all had a good laugh and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

What a splendid evening it had been.

Our next meeting is on January 14 at Littleton Village Hall at 7.30pm, when our speaker is going to be Annie Perkins giving a talk on Winter Flowers From Your Garden.