OUR meeting this month was well attended and following the singing of Jerusalem President Val Davies was happy to inform us that member Jean Bayliss had accrued her 100 points and was given her voucher to spend as she wished.

There was quite a lot on the agenda to deal with which included the many outings and events which have been arranged and judging by the members response it looks like they will all be well attended.

It has been suggested how brilliant it would be if some of our founder members would be willing to write and give us information of our WI's past and see how interesting it was in the early days and would help us to know more of our history.

Our speaker for the evening was David Howe whose talk was entitled Prime Ministers Wives/Partners. He has an enormous amount of knowledge stored in his head and gave us much fascinating information of many of our early Prime Ministers, some of which was rather scandalous. He kept us enthralled with all his comments. A good evening was enjoyed by all.