AT our meeting on May 12 the speaker was Dennis Beasley who read several of the monologues from "Albert and the Others." They were brought to life by his humourous interpretation. The most famous comic monologue "Albert and the Lion" was written by a Scottish writer called Marriot Edgar. Born George Marriot Edgar in Kirkcudbright Scotland, Edgar was a poet, scriptwriter and comedian best known for writing many of the monologues performed by Stanley Holloway, particularly the Albert Ramsbottom series. When Marriot Edgar wrote his most famous The Lion and Albert monologue, he named the lion Wallace in what is now generally recognised to be a fraternal in-joke nod to his elder paternal half brother Edgar Wallace. The sequel to Albert and the Lion was "Albert's Return." When the lion had swallowed Albert, his Ma and Pa decided to cash in the insurance they had on him. Prudential paid them the sum of nine pounds, four and two. Meanwhile said lion had coughed up Albert who returned home, only to be told by Mr Ramsbottom to pop off back to Zoo and see what tigers could do if he poked them with his "stick with an 'orse's andle."

The next meeting of the Ladies Guild is on June 2 at Pershore Civic Centre when the speaker will be David Clark. His subject will be "From the Guildhall to beyond the seas." Why not come along for an enjoyable afternoon.