THE British Motor Museum at Gaydon, previously known as the British Motor Industry Heritage Trust, was the subject of the last meeting. Now the most comprehensive collection of models of British built motor cars in this country, the museum and collections were described by Leslie Grunde and Vince Hall, two of the enthusiastic group of volunteers who help in the conservation of exhibits and give guided tours of the museum.

First open to the public in 1993 on what had been an R.A.F. Base the original building cost eight million pounds and has now been extended by a new extra building which holds the Jaguar Daimler collection originally housed in Browns Lane Coventry. Inside the main building cars are placed in sections and themes, such as luxury and sports cars as well as those owned by the average motorist, creating much nostalgia among the visitors. Also there are “celebrity” cars, such as those driven in Grand Prix and others which were owned and used by H.M. Queen Elizabeth.. The archive is a most interesting section for knowledgeable visitors, containing over 4 million items, many of them unique and priceless. Around the inner wall of the museum is the Time Road, showing the evolution of the car from the 1890s through to the present day. The talk raised many questions from the audience.

The next meeting, on March 22, 2pm at the Townsend Hall, will take us to South America, to Chile, Peru and Ecuador. Visitors are welcome.