AFTER a warm welcome, the President and Secretary outlined future activities within our Institute, the Group and County and asked people to sign up for the various outings. At our next meeting in May the two Resolutions will be discussed – food waste and care of dementia patients.

Cameron Addicott was our speaker and his subject “Undercover with HM Customs and Serious Crime.” He gave an interesting insight in how they work particularly in tracking drugs from source to eventual distribution. With their ability to intercept phone calls (but only with prior permission from the Home Office), following vehicles, watching property, becoming friends with family members in the hope they would become informants, but patience seemed to be most relevant factor in all their work. He indicated that most of the criminals were driven by greed and that they generally demonstrated paranoid tendencies. The organisation has been re-named – The National Crime Agency. After a few questions, Cameron was warmly thanked by Celia Hall.

There were several entries for the monthly competition ‘something green and red’ and the winner was Josie Witts with her bundle of rhubarb. The flowers, arranged by Lyndall, were won by Barbara McLaren.

New members and visitors are always welcome.