OUR meeting for May took on a completely different format with the arrival for our Open Meeting/Fashion Show of not only eleven racks of clothes with over a thousand items and the ladies of SOS (the show organisers) but in excess of sixty fellow WI members from all the other WIs in our Group. To comply with Health and Safety Regulations numbers had to be restricted. The nine models gathered in the back room having selected the clothes they had chosen to model and with all inhibitions thrown to the wind began to “organise” themselves.

In the meantime President June Lloyd started the meeting by thanking everyone for coming and advising them of the way everything would hopefully run. All then stood for the singing of Jerusalem. A small amount of business was conducted and we were off. Accompanied by an explanation of the brand etc of the clothes, models strutted the “catwalk” wearing the various garments provided and carrying spare items of the same design for those in the audience to look at and/or purchase, pausing when asked for members to look at the garments more closely. After forty-five chaotic minutes the show was brought to a close with members then being allowed to look through the racks of clothes and purchase what they wanted. At the same time a restricted supper of tea/coffee and cakes was served by the army of volunteers in the kitchen with much chattering between the various members on what is one of the rare occasions for us all to get together during the year.

June closed the meeting by once again thanking everyone present, the guests, SOS, and last but not least the volunteers in the kitchen and the models. Our next meeting is on Tuesday, 12 July at 7pm for 7.30pm when Catherine Clarke will tell us about her life with hats and the competition will be to decorate a hat. Guests and new members are welcome. For further information contact June Lloyd on 01386 830844 and/or view our website www.thelittletonswi.moonfruit.com