OUR September Members’ Meeting welcomed three guests and an almost full complement of members. Following the singing of Jerusalem and a small amount of business, a thank you letter from one of HM The Queen’s Ladies in Waiting was read out. A card, beautifully knitted by Amanda Bostock, had been sent to the Palace to commemorate Her Majesty’s ninetieth birthday.

Our skittles practices have produced a team (together with reserves) for the Group matches. Marion Brighton invited anyone interested to join Littletons Wednesday Club on one of their trips.

Our speakers this month were Sandi and Tony Lewis accompanied by Peg. Peg is a dog who their son, Conrad, adopted when he was serving in Afghanistan. “Buddy Dogs” as Peg and similar dogs are called, help our soldiers. In some cases they are brought back to England when the men return. Others are rehomed in Afghanistan and elsewhere. Unfortunately Conrad was killed and Peg, a particularly brave and intelligent dog, with the help of the Nowzad Dogs Shelter, came to England to live with Sandi and Tony. Even here she is alert when out walking to anything she considers “not right” i.e. broken drain covers etc. and alerts either Sandi or Tony. She has joined Sandi and Tony on many of their talks and the three of them are raising money to help the shelter in Afghanistan.

Annette Brown, who has taken over the Competitions mantle from Hilda Bashford, had her hands full with fifteen entries for the competition “A Photograph of Your Pet”. This was won by Gill Lancaster. Our usual excellent supper prepared by members followed with time to talk to other members and the speakers and to make a fuss of Peg.

Guests and new members are welcome. October’s meeting, which marks our 66th Anniversary, will feature a talk on chocolate. Our 2017 programme has now been finalised and will be going to the printers shortly. For further information contact June Lloyd on 01386 830844. See also www.littletonswi.moonfruit.com