AFTER all the festivities of the Christmas season it was back to business for Littletons WI. Subscriptions for the year were collected by our new Treasurer, Val Davies and members took the opportunity of wishing each other a happy New Year before President June Lloyd welcomed everyone and we started the meeting with the singing of Jerusalem. This was followed by voting for the Resolution we wanted the WI to champion at the Annual Meeting in Liverpool in June. Each full member was allowed one vote for the Resolution they wished to be put forward. Having completed this (and a small amount of other necessary business) our speaker/demonstrator for the evening, Alan Keech, was introduced. Upon his retirement Alan started helping his wife in her gift shop and having been taught by an “international gift wrapping expert” has become an enthusiastic expert in the subject himself. He demonstrated how to make a plain wrapped gift look like an interesting parcel by turning an oblong package into what looked like a ladies purse and a bottle to look like a gentleman’s evening jacket. All members took part and, duly armed with scissors, sticky tape and wrapping paper, we proceeded to make our own ordinary bottle look like an extravagant gift.

Supper followed giving us the chance to look at the many boards on the stage listing the various activities and outings which we are organising during the course of the year. These include skittles matches, pearl bracelet making and crocheting. Our competition “Something beginning with “J”, having been judged by Alan, was won by Anne Partridge who was appropriately presented with a lovely box of jellies in keeping with the theme of the competition!

Guests and new members are as always very welcome. For further information, including a copy of our 2017 programme, please contact June Lloyd on 01386 830844 and more details can also be found on