A WARM welcome from our President Details were given about our visit to Gloucester Cathedral and Quays in August, together with a visit to Belvoir Castle in July. There is to be a WI tea on the 1st June and cake and scone makers were required.

There were four birthday ‘girls’ in May. The winner of our monthly flowers was Margaret Barton.

County News information included Go-Karting and Crossbow Sports Day, Talking for the Terrified, Stand up and be Heard, and a prospective New Speakers’ Evening in September.

Our last skittles match was lost but not by many, and names were taken for the next match.

Resolutions was our next Agenda item. Gill Proops spoke about Alleviating Loneliness and had done quite a bit of research. It is probably more widespread than we think but she reported that one of the more successful ways of discovering if anyone was lonely was through the Pharmacists when they chat to people. Men are more at risk than women and loneliness can affect the quality of life and well-being of people. A happy person is more likely to be a well person.

Jean Houlton then took us through the resolution ‘Plastic Soup’ and the effect of the microscopic fibres following washing ending up in our oceans, and subsequently entering the food chain via fish. Polyester and acrylic materials are high on the list as culprits. The resolution urged that more research is carried out and action taken to stop these dangerous fibres entering our oceans.

Members voted individually on both Resolutions.

Our speaker, Penny Turner, accompanied by her husband, spoke about her early life from dyslexia to becoming a poet, particularly for children, and how she incorporated her art work into her poems. She read many poems out to us, some serious but the majority with a moral. I am sure Penny will have inspired some of our members to try their hand at writing poetry though several members already do so. She was warmly thanked by Pauline Bamber who herself is a lover of poetry.

The competition, Something Funny, had three joint winners – Christina Bacon, Pat Chitty and Pauline Bamber with others tying for second and third.

The Lenches WI always welcomes new members and visitors.